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Graduate Trainee Program


The Kinectrics Graduate Trainee Development Program provides graduates with the knowledge, tools and experience necessary for success. Working alongside experts in the field, you will acquire technical experience in a professional atmosphere that will ensure you develop the skills essential for your career growth. The program provides a means of developing and assessing the capabilities of new graduates through:

  • A planned and structured program
  • On-the-job training through project work assignments
  • Periodic assessment and review of progress
  • Exposure to a wide range of the work undertaken by Kinectrics
  • Appropriate placement within Kinectrics upon completion of the program

Program Outline

The Graduate Trainee Program consists of an initial orientation session, and rotations through different work groups within Kinectrics.

Program Duration

The program is designed to normally run for 24 months with four rotations, approx. six months in length, but is flexible based on your needs and the departments ongoing projects. Upon successful completion of the program, trainees will be placed in a position at Kinectrics. Initial placement will be made based on consideration of recommendations by the trainee’s supervisors and the Program Coordinator, the trainee’s strengths and preferences, and Kinectrics business needs.


The intent of the rotations is to ensure the trainee receives a broad base of skills and knowledge across Kinectrics. It also ensures that there is more flexibility in the work the trainee can perform in the future, as the trainee will have been exposed to several facets of the Kinectrics business.

Rotations may be shortened if the trainee is able to complete the rotation requirements earlier than planned. Conversely, rotations can be extended by mutual agreement to facilitate business needs (e.g. completion of a project that extends beyond six months).

What We Are Looking For

The GT Program recruits motivated, soon to graduate, or recently (within 1 year) graduates into the program. Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students from Engineering and Science disciplines are encouraged to apply. A strong application often includes relevant summer work or co-op experience in a related field, strong academic credentials and a well-balanced volunteering background.

Kinectrics North Graduate Trainee Program

Applicants interested in working out of our Bruce County locations are now able to apply directly to our Kinectrics North rotation program. The program allows successful applicants to the GT program to complete all rotations in Bruce county. This opportunity provides a range of rotations among Bruce County locations and allows entrants into the program to settle long term into the Bruce County area. All applicants interested in permanent placement in the area along with the flexibility or job rotations are welcome to apply! The application to this program will be posted on our website and on University and College job portals. If you do not see the posting at your institution, please apply directly through our application on our website (same recruitment process as the GT Program below).

GT Recruitment Schedule

The GT Program recruits on an annual basis with a scheduled recruitment period to allow applicants to receive offers before their date of graduation. The chart below outlines the typical recruitment schedule. Any changes based on internal demands will be communicated to applicants.

Student Employment Program


Kinectrics employs 30 to 50 summer, co-op, and PEY (Professional Experience Year) students throughout the year in nearly all our departments. We have connections with over 20 universities and colleges within and outside of the GTA, looking for passionate and motivated students in a variety of engineering disciplines to join our team. Some of these programs include nuclear, chemical, electrical, electronic, materials, mechanical, mechatronic, computer, software engineering, and more! We also have student opportunities for those studying in other fields, such as business/commerce, accounting/finance, human resources, information systems, marketing, operations, and supply chain.

Please keep an eye out on your school’s job portal for Kinectrics’ current student job opportunities!

Co-op Recruitment Schedule

We offer 4-, 8- and 12-month co-op placement opportunities, which are posted directly on University and College job portals each semester. We typically follow the below recruitment schedule:

*Due to Covid-19, interviews will be held virtually

PEY Recruitment Schedule​

We offer 16-month PEY placement opportunities, which are posted directly on University and College Job portals. We typically follow the below recruitment schedule:

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